Simple Student Email Verification

Do you want to know if an email address belongs to a student? Using our API, you can look up the domain against of database of over 25,000 verified student domain to find out.

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Enter any domain into the form below and then hit verify to find out if it is a verified student domain.

	"status": "success",
	"result": {
		"domain": "verified",
		"type": "student",
		"usage": {
			"remainingCalls": 95281,
			"usedCalls": 4719,
			"totalCalls": "100000",
			"renewalDate": "2020-06-12"

Built for developers

Email Warrant is designed to be fast and easy to use. You can be using our API in just 5 minutes.

Always Updated

There is an endless list of student domains in existence, this is why we are always adding new verified domains to our database. We add an average of 25 new domains every day.

Documentation for everything

We've written extensive documentation on how to setup Email Warrant and make your first API call.

We have lots of experience
verifying emails.

We built Email Warrant using all of the knowledge we have gained from running our own student discount site since 2018.

We started with a list of just 10 common student domains. Since then, we have amassed a database of over 25,000 student domain from every part of the world.