Great pricing for any size business

We want Email Warrant to be accessible and affordable to all sizes of business. We offer a great free plan and inexpensive upgrades for those that need more.

How many API calls per month do you need?

Get your API key

Need more than 30,000 API calls per month? Get in touch for bespoke pricing options.

Built to be simple and scalable, Email Warrant is the perfect tool for verifying student emails as an enterprise level. All our enterprise plans also come with SLAs to keep everything running smoothly.

Built for developers

Email Warrant is designed to be fast and easy to use. You can be using our API in just 5 minutes.

Always Updated

There is an endless list of student domains in existence, this is why we are always adding new verified domains to our database. We add an average of 25 new domains every day.

Documentation for everything

We've written extensive documentation on how to setup Email Warrant and make your first API call.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Can I use Email Warrant for my clients?

Absolutely. You can use your Email Warrant API Key in as many places as you like, including client projects. Alternatively, you can create your client their own Email Warrant account.

Do I get free updates?

Yes. Email Warrant is a continually evolving service built around our simple pricing. This means that when we add more verification types, more verified domains, or just new features, you will get instant access.

Do you offer trial accounts or refunds?

We have a generous free plan which allows you to make 50 API calls per month for free (No Credit Card required). As we offer such a generous free plan, all paid plans are non-refundable outside of your standard consumer rights.

Does Email Warrant have every student domain?

Unfortunately not, we have over 25,000 verified student domains, but we are still always coming across more. Over the last 2 years, we have added on average 25 new verified domains every day.

Does Email Warrant work with X programming language/service?

Yes, as long as you can make GET request, you can use Email Warrant. Zapier, Zoho Flow, and Integromat are just a few of the services that can integrate with Email Warrant.

Can I change plan part way through the month?

Yup! If you are changing from one paid plan to another, we will charge you a prorated amount at your next billing date. If you are moving from a free plan to a paid plan, we will start a new billing cycle.